Primary school students have a weekly art class where they are encouraged to express ideas and their understanding through art and explore different approaches and techniques in creating artworks.


Each class is required to lead the school’s Chapel meeting once during each term. Chapel is an opportunity for students to present music, drama and other presentations to their peers.


This program has been developed to facilitate the development of specific values, which are recognised as fundamental to successful participation in today’s society. Lessons will encourage student’s to reflect on how they think and how the decisions they make in life can make a difference in someone else’s life. The program offers the opportunity to develop a wide range of language, speaking and group working skills that will compliment all learning areas in the school curriculum.


During the foundation years (Prep, Grade One and Grade Two) the students will be exposed to a large variety of written texts such as stories, big books, posters, displays and websites. They will see many demonstrations of modelled writing in both draft and finished forms and will learn to select content, form and vocabulary, depending on the purpose of the writing. Each week a specific genre of writing is chosen to be modelled and explained to the students.


Each term there is an Integrated Study theme with a new and interesting curriculum focus. Local excursions are based on the topic being studied and are a fun way to sum up what has been learnt for the term.
Throughout the year, topics cross all key learning areas.


Junior Primary students will explore and use a variety of music elements, skills, techniques and processes. Action songs will be performed each day, performance items including movement, dance and song will be prepared for Chapel and the annual Wodonga Arts Festival. In addition, the Junior Primary Blue class will have a weekly, 30 minute lesson, when the students will develop skills in beat, pitch, dynamics and tempo through activities that involve listening, singing, moving and playing instruments. Students in Years 3 & 4 have the opportunity to have a 30 minute weekly lesson learning the keyboard or guitar. Students in grade 5 & 6 can learn keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, flute or clarinet.


TSL classes are based on an approach to learning know as Mastery Learning. Classes cover areas such as English, Mathematics, History, and Science. The school uses resources from the Accelerated Christian Education program which provides a number of learning benefits for students. Read more…


In the Maths class students will use a variety of concrete aids and ‘hands-on’ activities. These lessons will provide additional activities to the Mastery Learning classes, and will progressively investigate the Number System, Calculating, Mathematical relationships, Chance and Data, Space and Measurement.


Junior Primary (Prep – Year 2): These students are developing basic gross locomotor skills and becoming familiar with their environment and aware of the people around them. The children are engaged in discussions to help develop an awareness of others.

Middle Primary (years 3 and 4): At this level, students are consolidating skills, and becoming more adept at the activities provided. They are starting to work together as a team, and continue to develop their somatosensory system. It is at this level that they first have the opportunity to participate at an inter-school level.

Senior Primary (years 5 and 6): At this level the students are working well as a team and continue to develop sporting skills. Sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasised at this level. Students are able to take part in inter-school sport carnivals which include swimming, athletics and cross country run.