The aim of the Chaplaincy Service is to, under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program Guidelines, provide opportunity for students and parents to access help in a confidential setting.

The Chaplain deals with a range of issues relating to students. Those students seeking help can be Special Needs students, students who have behavioral issues, students who have family issues and students who simply need a listening ear. Parents are often involved with their children in the process and, in some cases, seek counsel for themselves.

The Chaplaincy service is a voluntary service. This means students and parents come to the Chaplain on a voluntary basis and can be as involved in the process as much or as little as they choose.

The Principal and teaching staff are free to access the Chaplain in order to obtain advice, and counsel as well as request a particular student spend some time with the Chaplain if the student is agreeable.

The Chaplain is funded by the generosity of the Commonwealth Government and all funds are directed to the Chaplains salary and some administration costs. The NSCPSWP program has no affiliation with any Christian activities in the School.

Consent by parents allowing their children to speak to the Chaplain is gained at the beginning of each school year. Parents have opportunity to declare their non-assent. Once consent is given students and parents can contact the Chaplain at School or make arrangements at Reception.

The avenue for making a complaint about the Chaplain or the Chaplaincy service is through direct contact with the Principal. This is done by making appointment with Reception.

The School consults with parents on an informal basis as well as conducting an annual survey where all parents are requested to submit their appraisal by a survey form provided.